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Energy Audit

The best way to find out how efficient your home is, is by performing an energy audit. South River EMC offers an informal walk-through by one of our Energy Marketing Advisors. You can schedule a walk-through by calling 910-892-8071. However, there are also a few tip to try for yourself by going on the Home Energy Adventure.


Try Your Own Audit

Go through this list and see if you're using energy efficiently. Every nook and cranny holds potential inefficiencies, so it pays to be thorough!


Insulation and ductwork:

  • Attic insulation is spread evenly.

  • Attic insulation is in good condition.

  •  Insulation does not block attic vents.

  • Attic access doors are properly insulated and sealed.

  • Minimum R-value of 19 for perimeter walls.

  • Minimum R-value of 25 for under floor insulation.

  • Ductwork is insulated and sealed.

  • Water pipes are insulated.

  • Water heater is insulated if located in unconditioned space.


Heating and cooling:

  • Supply vents are unblocked by furniture or curtains.

  • Return air registers are unblocked.

  • Return air handler filters are clean.

  • HVAC system has had an annual maintenance check-up.

  • Programmable thermostat is installed and programmed.


Air infiltration:

  • Windows close and lock properly.

  • Window gaskets are in good condition.

  • Window trim is sealed and painted.

  • Doors are properly weather stripped.

  • Doors close and latch properly.

  • Plumbing and wire penetrations are sealed: check kitchen and bathroom cabinets and utility rooms.

  • Fireplace damper is sealed tightly.


Appliances and lighting:

  • Refrigerator condenser coils are clean.

  • Refrigerator door gaskets are tight.

  • Consider recycling unused freezers and refrigerators.

  • Water heater is set to 120 degrees or lower.

  • Dishwasher’s energy-saving feature turned on.

  • Washing machine loads are run with cold water when possible.

  • Well pump is operating properly.

  • Pump has good pressure.

  • Check for leaks in pump.

  • Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are being used.

  • Outdoor lighting automatically triggered by motion or dark.

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