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Hurricane Florence Update 091718

South River EMC Soldiers On To Restore Electric Service

South River EMC starts the day with a plan to attack the remaining 11,620 members who are still without electric service in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Increasing flooding, closed routes and storm debris will serve as hurdles today.

 “Yesterday we made a lot of headway and all of our crews worked together to restore as many services as possible,“ said Catherine O’Dell, VP of Member Services and Public Relations. “As the day progressed, we found travel to be much more challenging due to increased flooding. We will continue to find new routes to reach our members, however the flooding is certainly going to slow the process of restoration in some areas.”

Over 200 additional line personnel traveling from 22 electric cooperatives in Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois, as well from three electrical contracting companies and three tree expert businesses support the electric cooperative.

One other challenge facing full restoration is the fact that Duke Energy Progress still has repairs to make to their transmission system in order for South River EMC to energize several substations in Cumberland and Sampson counties.

“We understand that people are becoming increasingly frustrated, however restoration after a hurricane is an arduous task and our crews are working diligently to get all service restored as quickly as is safely possible,” said O’Dell.

While the power is out, people are encouraged to turn off their air conditioners, all appliances and all lights except one. This will help make the transition easier once the electricity is restored. If people have too many electric items on when the power is restored, the circuits can be overloaded causing additional outages.”

Additionally, South River EMC’s Fayetteville office is closed for business on Monday due to a roof leak. The Dunn office will be open at 8 a.m. Cooperative members can make payments online, over the phone or at the kiosk.

Safety of the entire community is vital. Anyone who encounters a downed power line should stay clear and call 9-1-1.

As restoration continues, people can keep abreast of outages by checking South River EMC’s real-time system map at  or follow South River EMC on Facebook and Twitter.

Cooperative employees will work around the clock until all power is restored. If members have difficulty reaching the electric company, keep trying. The easiest way to report outages, and check the status of restoration, is by registering for outage texting. Members should text SREMCTEXT to 888.338.5530. It takes up to 24 hours for the account to activate.

South River EMC, a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative, is a locally owned not-for-profit electric cooperative providing electric service to over 44,000 homes, farms and businesses in parts of Harnett, Sampson, Cumberland, Johnston and Bladen counties.

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