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Thank you to everyone who came out to our workshop on May 14 at the Church of Cedar Creek. We appreciate your input and look forward to seeing you at the next workshop. If you were not able to attend below is information about the project along with display boards from the workshop for you to view. Please note that this is information for review and the mapping is being updated as we get community input.

You are invited to be a part of the line siting effort by attending a second community workshop where you will be able to examine closely the alternate route corridors.  Any substantive information you provide about any of them will be considered as they are carefully evaluated prior to the selection of the final corridor.  The workshop will be held at the following location: 


The Church at Cedar Creek (Fellowship Hall)

4010 Cedar Creek Road

Fayetteville, NC 28312

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
3-7 p.m.

Since the workshop, information received from landowners in the siting study area has been compiled, analyzed, and combined with an array of environmental, cultural resources, scenic resources, and land use data gained from various sources, including extensive field studies in the project vicinity.  The combined data has allowed the development of a network of route segments that can be connected in various ways to form several alternate route corridors between the existing Cape Fear Substation on Butler Nursery Road and the Vander Substation on John B. Carter Road. A map showing the siting study area and the locations of the alternate route corridors within it is below. (Click image to enlarge)


The workshop will be informal, and you may drop by anytime between 3 and 7p.m. The South River EMC siting team will be available to answer questions you may have and to document any substantive information you provide. The alternate route corridors will be evaluated within a reasonable period of time following this workshop, and one of them will be selected as the route for the future 115 kV line. 


Over the past several years weather events, such as those from Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence, have adversely impacted the reliability of South River Electric Membership Corporation’s electrical system. This includes the communities in the southern extent of Cumberland County and northern Bladen County.

The communities served by the Cape Fear and Vander substations are particularly vulnerable to power outages because they are served from only a single 115,000-volt (115 kV) transmission line. The loss of this line could put these communities out of power for an extended period of time. Therefore, South River EMC has determined it to be necessary to provide a secondary source of 115 kV power to its existing Cape Fear Substation to ensure that local area homes and businesses are served by a more reliable and resilient source of electrical energy. This new line will connect the Cape Fear Substation, located on Butler Nursery Road, to the Vander Substation, located on John B. Carter Road, and will allow for electrical redundancy by providing backfeed capabilities through this part of South River EMC’s system. The new line, which will be referred to as the Vander – Cape Fear 115 kV Tie Line, will also provide additional electrical capacity to support the growth of the community into the future. 


South River EMC has begun executing its comprehensive transmission line siting process to determine the route for the future Vander – Cape Fear 115 kV Tie Line. A siting study area has been delineated to include the entire area through which it will be practical to locate the new line, and an array of environmental, land use, aesthetic, and cultural resource data that will influence its final location is being collected and mapped. Our goal is to identify and apply all factors that should influence the final route selection decision, and we have found that landowners in the siting study area often have important information that should be considered.


Answers To Questions You Might Have (FAQ)




Information shared at the meeting is included in the slides linked here.

Project Need includes why the project is needed, the benefits and the consequence of not adding the line, as well as a timeline for the project.

Siting demonstrates how South River EMC’s transmission line siting process is executed including all factors that should influence the development of alternate routes and the selection of a final route to be considered appropriate.

Aesthetic and Environmental contains illustration of existing transmission lines similar to the one proposed.

Health and Safety illustrates and addresses concerns associated with electric and magnetic fields, compared to normal everyday appliances.

Route Surveying and Right-of-Way Acquisition illustrates the conditions for this type of project.


Project Need


Aesthetics &

Health & Safety

Survey & Right-Of-Way

Facilities, Potential Outages, Schedule

Siting Process, Factors, Aerial


Electric & Magnetic Fields








Zoning, Land, Occupation, Visibility





Topographic information





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