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Renewable Energy

South River EMC is as interested in renewable energy as you are, that's why we have such a diversified energy portfolio. Now, there are some types of energy that aren't feasible for central North Carolina, so we do have contracts with some out of state energy producers, like those supplying wind energy. However, we do have several in state producers, such as commercial solar, landfill gas, biodigesters, and hydropower, as well as numerous residential solar programs. Certain applications are eligible for tax credits and you can read more about that here.


Wyoming Premium Farms Swine

Blue Canyon Windpower VI LLC

RES Agriculture NC 1

Orion Biomass

Pickard's Meadow Solar Farm

Buncombe Co LFG


Progress Solar II

Aspre Wind 1


Progress Solar III

Aspre Wind 2

3 Degree Solar


Garrell Solar

Arden Solar, LLC

Solar Star NC II


Beulaville Solar

Warrenton Farm Project

Element Wind

Chapel Hill Tire

Ararat Rock Solar

PowerSouth Wind

Fuquay Farm Solar

Black Farm Swine

Story County Wind

Fuquay Farm Solar General

Butler Farm Swine



Interested in solar generation?

Start with these 10 steps to take before installing solar.


Then, look over these packets for more information:

Get your power from the sun pdf    heat your water with the sun pdf


Read up on the requirements for 21 kw - 1,000 kw interconnection here.

Information on small generation, 20 kw or less, can be found here.


For members interested in residential systems, please contact Robert Talton at

Members OR developers interested in solar farms or commercial systems, please contact Catherine O'Dell at


For questions, or if you're considering a small renewable generator, please contact 910-892-8071 to discuss your options.



Butler farms solar array

 A great story to check out featuring owner, Tom Butler, comes from Powering a Nation 2014 at

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