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South River EMC wants to visit your school to teach students the fundamentals of electrical safety and energy efficiency.  We have two school programs, which are geared toward energy education.

Neon Leon

The Misadventures of Lightnin’ Liz and Neon Leon

High Voltage Demonstration
(Grades 4-6)

The 30-minute high voltage demonstration teaches students about electricity and safety as it follows the adventures of Neon Leon and Lightnin’Liz. Leon and Liz are not very smart when it comes to electricity and often find themselves in dangerous situations. These glass figures are used to demonstrate the importance of electrical safety. Students will watch as Leon and Liz experience different problems such as improper use of metal ladders, flying kites too close to power lines, farm safety mishaps and why to avoid downed power lines. At the end students can expect a big surprise! To schedule a time for Lightnin’ Liz and Neon Liz to visit your school contact Robby Talton at (910)892-8071 or sremc@sremc.com.

What Do You Know About Energy Efficiency?

A lot with help from CFL Charlie!
(Elementary- middle grades)

This 30-minute program ranges from where electricity originates (beyond the light switch) to big energy users (heating and cooling systems). Also, students will look at ways to help save our natural resources through energy efficiency, while saving their parents’ money! This interactive learning experience gets the students involved by making learning about electricity more like a game show than a pop quiz. Students will also receive their own kit on energy efficiency. The kit includes an energy-saving checklist, an activity booklet, a folder and a super energy saver light switch cover. Armed with the knowledge of how to be energy savers, the students can navigate their and identify ways to be more energy efficient. If they complete their homework, they'll get a certificate signed by CFL Charlie! To schedule a time for us to bring energy to your classroom, contact Julie Wahl at (910)892-8071 or sremc@sremc.com.