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Although there are many sources of renewable energy available, not all are ideal for our location, for example, wind energy is not recommended for central North Carolina, but solar energy is feasible. Solar energy can also earn you tax credits, from the government. Read more here about tax credits, or check out our guides below.



If you are considering installing a small renewable generator, please contact 910-892-8071 x 2153 to discuss your options.You can also see a video on it from North Carolina's electric cooperatives.

Read up on the requirements for interconnection


South River EMC's first interconnection was with Hamlin Sheet Metal in Benson. The company is home to a 107 kw building-integrated laminate photovoltaic, or BIPV, generator. The system, which covers 24,000 square feet is the largest in the southeast. This method adds minimal structural weight to buildings and integrates directly with existing roofing infrastructure.


Frank Stump of Lillington was one of the first members to take part in the solar water heater rebate offer. He installed not only a solar water heating system, but a PV system as well. Honey Electric Solar Inc. installed a 3.36 kilowatt PV system in just two days in early 2009. The Stumps are in contract with NC Green Power to sell their Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). They also were the first members to interconnect with South River EMC’s electric system.

South River EMC interconnected with a 6.2 kw ground-mounted PV array at the home of member, Randall Darling, in Fayetteville. The array consists of four rows of eight solar panels. South River EMC pays Mr. Darling for the energy produced by his PV generator and put back onto the grid. Mr. Darling is also in contract with NC GreenPower who will pay him for his RECs.

South River EMC interconnected with the 10.9 kw solar array of Lee Hosking, of Roseboro. Hosking had the solar array installed on his hog farm by Alternative Energy Concepts, as part of the United States Department of Agriculture grant program. This program will give him a grant for up to 25 percent of the cost to install his solar system. The system, which is also ground- mounted, consists of 48 solar panels.

The Cooperative interconnected with a 9.87 kw rooftop photovoltaic system on a four unit apartment building. Moyer Management in Fayetteville owns the building.


South River EMC is also interconnected with Butler Farms in Lillington. The farm is home to the sweetest smelling hog lagoons around. The Cooperative buys electricity generated from not only the 10 kilowatt ground mounted solar system, but from the covered hog lagoons, which are rich in methane. A great story to check out featuring owner, Tom Butler, comes from Powering a Nation 2014 at www.wholehognc.org.