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South River EMC members installing an Energy Star rated electric air source heat pump, dual-fuel air source heat pump, or geothermal heat pump, are eligible to take advantage of the South River EMC Energy Star heat pump rebate.

Energy Star qualified heat pumps have a higher seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) and heating seasonal performance factor than standard models, which makes them about 8% more efficient than standard new models and 20% more efficient than what you may have in your home currently.

Replacing old heating and cooling equipment (13 SEER or lower) with an Energy Star qualified heat pump can cut annual energy bills by nearly $200. By installing an Energy Star high efficiency heat pump in a newly constructed home, contractors are providing the homeowner with a source of lower electric use and increased comfort.

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    Heat Pumps - 15 SEER or higher- $200 each unit 
    Geothermal HP*- $500 each unit    
    Central AC Only- 15 SEER or higher- $50 each unit 

    System Requirements:

    • Send completed application and Certificate of Product Rating (what's that?) to South River EMC.
    • When replacing an existing unit, the old unit must not have an efficiency ratio (SEER) greater than 13.
    • Geothermal units must be a minimum EER of 19 and existing equipment can not be greater than EER of 17.
    • System must be installed by a NC licensed heating and cooling contractor.


    • Applications will not be considered if a Certificate of Product Rating is not provided.
    • Rebates are subject to change without notice.
    • All rebates are subject to approval and are contingent upon fund availability.

    How to apply:

    • Decide which system works best for your home.
    • Contact a qualified installer.
    • Complete installation.
    • Download an application.


    • You must receive electric service from South River EMC in the home where heat pump/ Central AC is installed.
    • The unit must have been installed in the 90 days preceding the application for rebate.
    • System must be checked for compliance by an authorized South River EMC employee before a rebate is issued.