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Turn-in to be discontinued.

South River EMC has received information that any members wishing to recycle secondary refrigerator or freezers, must contact the Appliance Recycling Center of America, or ARCA, and schedule a pick-up by May 9. At this time, pick-up will stop, as the facility will close.

By calling 1-877-341- 2310 or visiting www.gorecycletoday.com, you can schedule a time for someone to come out and pick up your unit! Pick-ups must be scheduled before May 9.

For questions, please contact Aaron Jackson at 910-892-8071 x 2153.


Second refrigerators and freezers are large energy users and can cost from $13-16 monthly. This program offers an incentive to members who dispose of an operational second refrigerator or freezer. Not only will the members receive a $50 rebate, but they will save $166-194 annually on their electric costs.


  • Refrigerator/freezer must be clean and in working condition.
  • Refrigerator/freezer must be plugged in and cooling in order for an authorized ARCA agent to verify during an on-site visit for measurement and verification reasons.
  • The unit can be no smaller than10 cu. ft. or larger than 30 cu. ft.
  • The unit being recycled must be a secondary unit.
  • The person surrendering the refrigerator/freezer must be a member of South River EMC.
  • No member will receive more than two refrigerator/freezer rebates.
  • The member must be at least 18 years old and must sign all documentation.

When you will receive a rebate :

Once South River EMC is notified of pick-up by ARCA, the member will receive a $50 rebate within four to six weeks. The member is not responsible for contacting the Cooperative.

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