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Kits Are Available While Supplies Last

Wrap up the savings from water heating. Did you know that electric water heating accounts for nearly 15% of your monthly electric bill? When you purchase an electric water heater efficiency kit from your cooperative for $12 you can save $70-$90 annually, once installed. The kits include a water heater blanket, pipe insulation, an Earth Massage water-efficient showerhead, a kitchen faucet aerator and faucet aerators. For an additional $10 we can install the kit for you!

For more information call (910)892-8071 or send an e-mail request to sremc@sremc.com.

Water Heating Facts:

  • Installing an insulating blanket on your water heater is one of the most effective do-it-yourself energy-saving projects you can perform. The blanket will reduce standby heat loss (heat lost throught the walls of the tank) by 25-40%.
  • Insulating your hot water pipes will reduce losses as the hot water is flowing to the faucet and will reduce standby losses when the tap is turned off and then back on within an hour or so. A great deal of energy and water is wasted waiting for hot water to reach the tap.
  • One of the biggest opportunities for savings is to use less hot water. In addition to saving energy and money, cutting down on hot water use helps conserve dwindling water supplies. A family of four each showering five minutes a day can use about 700 gallons of water per week -- a three-year drinking water supply for one person. Water efficient showerheads and faucet aerators can cut hot water use in half. That family of four can save 14,000 gallons of water a year and the energy required to heat it.
  • Set your water heater thermostat at the lowest temperature that provides you sufficient hot water. We recommend setting the thermostat midway between low and medium or 120° F .

Members Can Claim Purchase On Their Taxes

Members can claim the $12 they pay for their water heater efficiency kit on their taxes as an energy efficiency measure. By clicking on the following link, members will need to download the the Owens Corning Manufacturer’s Certification Statement, in order to take advantage of this credit.