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Bill Breakdown

Click this link for more information and an explanation of segments.

South River EMC Rates

To view the residential rate, click here.
South River EMC is also pleased to offer a residential time-of-day, or TOD, rate to members. To speak with someone about this rate, please contact the Cooperative at 910-892-8071.

To view the small general service rate, or SGS, click here. This is for non-residential units using under 50 kilowatt hours a month. Also available is a small general service time-of day, or TOD, rate. Please contact South River EMC if you are interested in learning more.

Rates for larger accounts can be found here.

Your Bill

What is a WPCA (or a WPA)?

The Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment is a temporary measure used to recover unexpected increases incurred by the Cooperative.

What is the Renewable Energy Charge on my bill?

This is a monthly charge, which is adjusted annually, to recover the costs incurred during the year to comply with the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard law, North Carolina General Statue 62-133.8 and North Carolina Utilities Commission Rule R8-67.

What is OPRU?

OPRU stands for the program, Operation Round Up. Each month, the electric cooperative simply “rounds up” the electric bills of participating members to the next highest dollar. For example, let’s say your bill one month is $81.75, the bill would be automatically rounded up to $82 and the extra 25¢ would be deposited in the Operation Round Up fund. Through participation in Operation Round Up, the average contribution per member is approximately 50¢ a month, or $6 annually. Small change to the individual, can add up to thousands of dollars for the program. Who controls the funds? The South River Community Assistance Corporation, or CAC, a nonprofit foundation, will handle the distribution of funds. An independent board of directors, made up of community leaders, govern the CAC and the distribution of funds. The funds will be given primarily to organizations that are serving either the health, safety, educational or recreational needs of citizens within our service area or to individuals or families who have fallen on unusually tough times.

The program is voluntary. Each member is automatically signed up to participate, but any member who chooses not to participate, may withdraw by simply notifying the Cooperative. You can also opt out by contacting our office at (910)892-8071 or (800)338-5530 or send an e-mail to sremc@sremc.com. Please put “Operation Round Up Opt-Out” in the subject line.