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Does South River know my power is out?

Not always. If your power goes out and everyone around you has power, check your breaker box to ensure you haven’t tripped a breaker. If you do this and everything looks okay, call us at:

  • (800) 338-5530
  • (910) 892-8071

The fastest way to report an outage is to use our automated voice response (IVR) system, rather than bypassing the system to speak to a customer service representative.

Why do South River EMC crews leave my neighborhood if I still don’t have power?

There are several reasons this might happen:

  • Often, we send personnel to survey storm damaged areas before we begin repairs, which speeds restoration by helping us immediately address any dangerous situations and identify the most heavily affected areas.
  • We may need to work elsewhere to repair the problem that’s affecting you and your neighbors. 
  • We follow a well-designed plan that restores power to the greatest number of members first and then work our way to individual services.

Why does my neighbor have power and I don’t?

Storm damage can affect main power lines, individual circuits or both.  It’s possible that your individual circuit is damaged or your home could be on a different main power line than your neighbor’s.  Finally, it may be possible that your home needs internal electrical repairs before you can receive service.

When an outage occurs, South River Electric Membership Corporation takes certain steps in the restoration of electrical service. This plan is designed to restore service to the greatest number of members in the shortest period of time.

Once weather conditions are safe and the line crews can begin restoration work, an assessment of damages is made. From this point a list of priority repairs is compiled based on the number of consumers affected.

The cooperative’s restoration process is as follows:

  • Transmission Lines: Transmission lines supply power to one or more substations, therefore they must be repaired first.
  • Substations: If a problem occurs in a substation hundreds, possibly thousands of members will be left without electricity.
  • Primary Distribution Feeders: Feeders coming out of substations can deliver electricity to many homes and businesses. The feeders are repaired in the order of three phase lines, two phase lines and service drops to individual homes.

How long will I be without power?

You can keep up with restoration efforts by listening to local news on a battery-operated radio, by using your Smart Phone or Laptop to check our Web site (www.sremc.com) or by following South River EMC Twitter @SouthRiverEMC and now on Facebook for power restoration updates.

What are some important tips to follow after a storm?          

  • Avoid opening the freezer door. A full, freestanding freezer will keep food at freezing temperatures about two days; a half-full freezer about one day.
  • If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY!! And call your electric company at once.
  • Never burn coal, charcoal, wood, gasoline, kerosene or propane without proper ventilation. Doing so produces deadly carbon monoxide a colorless, odorless gas that in high enough concentration can cause drowsiness, dizziness, headache and potentially death.
  • If using a portable generator be sure to follow all safety precautions.
  • Leave your porch light on so utility workers will know when your power has been restored.
  • When power comes back on, slowly switch your appliances and lights back on and gradually return your thermostat to its normal setting.